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In the Beginning

Toledo Polonia dates back to the 1870's. Fr. Vincent Lewandowski a Franciscan Priest founded St. Hedwig Parish in 1875 in the Lagrange Street area. [CLICK HERE] for the link to a brief history of Toledo Polonia.

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This site is dedicated to the memories of Kazimier and Leontyna Kutyłowski who kept the faith and passed it on like so many other Polish immigrants.

Polish Toledo Ohio USA

The Polish American Community In Toledo

The first wave of Polish immigrants arrived in Toledo beginning in 1871. Most were Roman Catholics escaping oppression in Prussian Poland, where German chancellor Otto von Bismarck had instituted "Kulturkampf," a policy of cultural assimilation. The first formal association of the Toledo Polonia (Toledo Polish American Community) occurred on October 16, 1875, when twenty-five families formed St. Hedwig Parish on that saint's feast day. By 1900 Toledo had become a center of Polish population in America, and many Poles found work here in the growing glass and automobile industries.

The Polish American Community of Toledo Lays the Cornerstone of Their New Parish

Since its founding in 1875, St. Hedwig Parish has been a center of the Toledo Polonia. In 1876, the parish erected its first church and school building on Dexter Street under the direction of Rev. Wincenty Lewandowski (1841-1900) where an Ohio Historical Marker is placed. [Click Here] Bitter differences arose after rapid growth of the parish prompted its division, culminating in tragic riots in 1885 that caused three deaths and fire damage to the church. The present St. Hedwig church building on LaGrange Street replaced the original structure on Dexter in 1892. In 1916, the Order of the Sisters of St. Francis designated the old St. Hedwig building as its motherhouse, directed by Mother M. Adelaide Sandusky, O.S.F. (1875-1964). This community, now located in Sylvania, was initially devoted to training teachers for Polish American Community parishes throughout the Midwest.

Interior of St. Hedwig once Mother Church to the Polish American Community

St. Hedwig Church, was an anchor in North Toledo’s Polish American Community for more than a century, but closed in September of 2012 except for special events such as weddings. Two churches, both located within a few blocks of each other on Lagrange Street, were merged into a single parish back in 2010. St. Adalbert Church remains open. The number of people attending Mass during three services at both churches are now accommodated by a single Mass at St. Adalbert.

The first Polish church in Toledo, Ohio lost its consecration in 2016.

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This website is for the benefit of Polish Toledo, Ohio, and the Polish and Polish-Americans living in the Polish community that was established here in the late 19th century. The old neighborhoods have dispersed, but the spirit of Community lives on here as in so many other American cities with significant populations of Poles. Polish Pride, Culture, Traditions, History, Heritage, and all things dealing with Polonia are presented on these pages by Denny Kutyłowski.

Lord Alfred Tennyson - POLAND

How long, O God, shall men be ridden down,
And trampled under by the last and least
Of men? The heart of Poland hath not ceased
To quiver, tho' her sacred blood doth drown
The fields; and out of every smouldering town
Cries to Thee, lest brute Power be increased,
Till that o'ergrown Barbarian in the East
Transgress his ample bound to some new crown:--
Cries to thee, "Lord, how long shall these things be?
How long this icyhearted Muscovite
Oppress the region?" Us, O Just and Good,
Forgive, who smiled when she was torn in three;
Us, who stand now, when we should aid the right--
A matter to be wept with tears of blood!

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