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Melodies of Poland - 8AM Sunday WCWA-AM

Through the course of decades, producers and announcers for the radio program have come and gone, but the major focus and purpose has remained the same. The prime directive is to help preserve and promote Polish customs and heritage by assisting in keeping alive the precious and meaningful heritage that is treasured by folks of Polish descent. Having all those priceless traditions remain in practice and providing a means to pass them down to the next generation is our mission.

This show has had the largest audience of any Sunday program on the station and #1 in the Toledo Market in its time period according to a radio audience survey.

Janet Gawle spins a variety of Polish music (most of which is recorded in Poland) in addition to providing cultural and historical perspectives including background material on Polish traditions.

Write to: Melodies of Poland, c/o WCWA Radio, 125 S. Superior St. Toledo, OH 43604.

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