Polish Pride in Toledo     

Poland holds several world records: the world’s most imposing terminal moraine with a horseshoe shape (Luk Muzakowa), the only plate-structured mountains in Europe (the Table Mountains), the longest unregulated river in Europe (the Vistula) and the most favorite village for the whole world population of storks: Zywkowo Bociania Wies, which is home to over 200 storks.

Take a virtual tour
of Poland's beautiful landscapes interactively

[Click Here] For several locations to investigate with 360 degrees of panaramic control. Hear the sounds of nature at each location and zoom in on flora and fauna for detailed information.

The presentation will take a few seconds to load, but it will be worth the wait.

Storks of Poland
World Wildlife Foundation - Poland
Bison in Poland
Białowieza Forest (last primeval forest )
Wildlife Watching
World Famous Wroclaw Zoo
Dzikie koty (Wild Cats)

Environment Climate Flora Fauna
Climate in General
Environment in General


Natural Features of the Bieszczady National Park see the box to your left

The Tatra Mountains
Loved so much by JPII

Tatra Visual Tour

Campsites in Poland

Natural Resources
Overview of Natural Resources
Geology, Geography & More
National Parks Guide
National Parks
Major Attractions

Small portion of the salt mine
A small city carved in a big mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Music Video Shot mostly in
Wieliczka Salt Mine's Great Room


Everthing About Poland
This link is really good to understand everything from typography to the economy.

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