Cheap Long Distance - No set up, cancellation, or monthly fees

Imagine talking 1/2 Hour to someone in Poland for about a buck!

This is the service I use. I love it. I didn't have to switch companies. Around Toledo, all you do is dial 419-419-0128, a computer voice will give you your current balance then dial the long distance number followed by the "#" key. No pin codes are necessary from your home phone. Use it away from home too using an 800 access number and a pin code. It's Easier than a calling card when you're on the road. Best of all you save money. 1.9 Domestic and 3.4 to Poland from your home phone. In fact the rates are cheap all across the globe. When you sign up they'll give you a ton of free minutes too when those promotions are running. Click Banner Below & Start Saving on Long Distance around the country or around the world.

Tel3Advantage Long Distance