Toledo-Poznan Alliance
Helps Makes Christmas Bright in Poznan for Orphans

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A thank you letter from Poznan

English Translation of Poznan Letter to TPA

The Management of the orphanage in Poznan, as well as the children are eternally grateful for your generosity. Our bank notified us that we have on deposit from your organization $979.00. We will organize winter vacation for all the children.

We have a great favor to ask. There is a tremendous need for us to take on more children, but our problem has been the lack of space to accommodate any more children. Because of this, we were forced to expand, and add on to the existing structure to make room for more children who are in need of a place to live. The expansion is almost complete, however, we find ourselves without any funds to paint it, or furnish it with the necessities such as beds, desks, lamps to make it livable. If at all possible we would be extremely grateful for any assistance from your organization.

Our sincere thanks to you for all your assistance in the past. May we count on you today in this difficult situation?

We remember your visit several years ago and still reminisce of the pleasant time we shared with you. We invite all of you to visit us again. You may stay with us and we will provide our humble accommodations for all of you during your stay.

May God reward you and your efforts!