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Dorota Rabczewska (stage name Doda or Doda Elektroda), a Polish singer with one of the largest number of awards in Poland, was born February 15, 1984, in Ciechanow, Poland to Pawel and Wanda Rabczewski. Her older brother, Rafał, is her manager.

Her father was a weighlifter in the 1980 Olympics. In her youth Doda was coached in athletics for four years (long jump, 100 metres). She won the Championships at Voivodeship for 1000 and 600 metres and shot put. Doda also won bronze in the Polish Championships. She then quit sports for a musical career.

Doda started her singing career as a teenager, at the age of 16, Doda became the vocalist of the Polish rock band Virgin. Simultaneously she was taking singing lessons from Elżbieta Zapendowska (one of the most famous singing teachers in Poland).

Although Doda released her first album as the singer of Virgin in 2002, the real Dodamania does not start until 2005. After the release of the albums “Virgin” and “Bimbo” she was more popular for taking part in the reality TV show “Bar”, than for her music. The real career breakthrough took place in 2005 with the song “Znak Pokoju” (Peace Sign) during Sopot International Song Festival. This song got the audience award named “Amber Nightingale”. The song became Poland’s greatest hit in 2005, leading all charts, the follow up single “Dwie Bajki” (two Fairytales) also scores number one.

Virgin (Doda) - Znak Pokoju (Peace Sign)

Doda - Dwie Bajki (Two Tales)

Dwie Bajki - DODA

Unfortunately Doda had to undergo a surgery of her spine. The result of this incisive experience is the song “Szansa”. It immediately goes on number one and wins the Superjedynka award at the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole. In this song’s video Doda is kissing another woman, leading to newspaper speculating about Dodas possible bisexuality.

Doda - Szansa (Chance)

On March 5, 2005, Rabczewska married Polish goalkeeper Radosław Majdan now elected to the West Pomeranian Regional Assembly, whom she divorced in 2008 after accusing him of infidelity.

In 2007, she left Virgin to begin a solo career. Her first solo album released in 2007 was certified as gold on the day before its official release. In 2008 her album titled Diamond Bitch was certified a double platinum after 60,000 copies of the album had been sold.

The fame of Doda can be seen around the world. CNN shows Doda as one of ten most famous Polish people in the whole of history (next to the likes of Chopin, Copernicus and Wałęsa). Doda also received two Golden Bills for the video to Nie Daj Sie and the best artist award. Doda also has a cameo appearance in Serce na dłoni, the movie made by one of the greatest polish directors Krzysztof Zanussi.

2009 was another spectacular year for Doda. She’s not only the person about whom the media writes the most often, she also became the face of Koral (ice-cream) and Big Star (largest clothes brand in Poland). Doda released her fourth single from Diamond Bitch - Rany (Wounds). The video soon became the most popular in Poland.

Doda - Rany (Wounds)

Doda - Kolejny Raz (Next Time)

Doda - Dzaga (Chick)

Doda - What's Up (Wrocław 2008/2009) Sylwester

Doda - Nie Daj Się (Don't Give Up)

Doda - To Jest To (This Is It)

Doda & Virgin - Nie zawiedz mnie (Don't Disappoint Me)


DODA - Nie daj się - jak powstala piosenka (Don't Give Up - How the song was made)

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