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We can't think of another nationality with a richer base of culture and traditions. From the time Poland was the largest Empire in Europe, through the 123 years of partition, to the defeat of Communism lead by a shipyard electrician and a Polish Pope - Nothing could ever break the spirit of the Polish soul or adherence to heritage, customs and traditions.

"Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła..." The first verse of the Polish National Anthem says - "Poland has not yet perished.. As long as we remain". [Complete Lyrics] [Historical Significance] Here in our little corner of Polonia we cherish the triumphs and struggles of our ancestral past and embrace with jubilation the customs we still follow - Polish Pride runs strong and we are proud to be Polish-Americans.

To our non-Polish friends visiting here - You might be surprised that there is much more to being from Polish lineage than just Polkas and Kielbasa.

This website was started during Polish Heritage Month 2005 as a Polish Pride project. Each year in October as we Poles celebrate and reflect on our culture, I try to make some sort of contribution in regards to Polish heritage. PolishToledo.com is a large and serious undertaking. It will continue to expand with new links added continuously as a research and historical tool for those interested in learning more about all things Polish and local on site pages will be appended.

It is also our intention to construct unique and individual web pages as part of this site for qualifying organizations in Toledo Polonia such as the Toledo-Poznan Alliance, which is part of the sister cities program and the Polish-American Concert Band, as well as feature story items unique to our area such as profiles of celebrated Polish-Americans from the Glass City, local cultural events, and other writings and documents that are specific to Greater Toledo.

Your comments, suggestions and even your help in providing Polish pride content for this website are welcome. Contacting PolishToledo.com can be made by [Clicking Here]. A project as abitious as this can always use some help.

FYI, when viewing Polish language websites use the following encoding to make special letters appear properly: AKA ISO-8859-2 We're proud to be Polish and hope you show your Polish Pride too!

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