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Leave it to Polish architecture to come up with the most unique buildings and houses in the world, including this smallest, tiny thinest dwelling. If the rent was low enough even Kutyłowski would live there.


Is Located in Warsaw, Poland

About as wide as a compact car in an unassuming alleyway in Warsaw, Poland is the world’s thinnest house. Video footage below has provided the public with a rare glimpse of what it’s like to live in such extremely cramped living quarters.

The building, designed by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny, measures only three feet wide at it’s narrow point and four feet at its widest. It's certainly not a place Chopin could have lived in. A Grand piano just wouldn't fit.

The “Keret house,” named after Israeli writer and first occupant Etgar Keret, was conceived as a kind of social commentary. During the communist era large families were cramped into tiny Soviet style drab gray apartments. The thinest house with about 150 square feet total will be cramped quarters for only one occupant.

The two-story house is located in a neighborhood where the Nazis established the largest Jewish ghetto during their occupation of Poland. Inside, you’ll find a series of ladders leading up to various rooms such as a bedroom, kitchen, office and bathroom — with each specially modified to enable the resident to make due despite the space’s seriously constrained dimensions. For instance, without windows, holes were drilled along a side of the bedroom to provide sunlight. Downstairs, the toilet and shower were combined, meaning you can sit and wash up at the same time. Meanwhile, the dinner table seats only two, which makes sense considering that the fridge has only enough space for two drinks. And to ease any sense of claustrophobia, the house is designed to allow the sun to brighten the interior.

I think plenty of light is the most important,” the architect said. “So in order to eliminate the fears of the narrow space, I use the polycarbonate sheet to make roof and make walls to the maximum width. This is why the house looks so white and transparent.”

Skeletal structure being fabricated

No, the structure doesn't meet building codes. It was constructed as an art project and will house various artists (one at a time, of course) to help give them perspective on minimalism.



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