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Polish equivalent to American Idioms

A Polish person doesn’t sulk.

He “has flies up his nose” (mieć muchy w nosie).

A Pole is not uninformed.

He just “fell from the Christmas tree” (urwać się z choinki).

A Pole is never a know-it-all.

They would say, he “ate all wits” (pozjadać wszystkie rozumy).

Poles won’t pester you.

They’ll “drill a hole in your belly” (wiercić komuś dziurę w brzuchu).

Poles will not speak bluntly.

They’ll “tell it straight from the bridge” (mówić prosto z mostu).

Polish people are not nit-picky.

They are “looking for a hole in the whole” (szukać dziury w całym).

A Pole won’t tell you to get lost.

They’ll tell you to “stuff yourself with hay” (wypchać się sianem).

A Pole never beats around the bush.

He prefers to “wrap the truth in cotton” (owijać prawdę w bawełnę).

Polish people don’t mess things up.

They “make bigos” (narobić bigosu) or “brew beer” (nawarzyć piwa) instead.

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