Polish Toledo Community
Toledo Poznań Alliance
P.O. Box 2555
Toledo, OH 43606

President - Jackie Konwinski
V.P. -
Treasurer- Tom Sorosiak
Secretary - Stan Machosky

Board of Trustees:

Ursula Cauffiel, Hon.
Sr. Ann Francis
David Chelminski
Kathy Grabel
Rosalie Hinde
Susan Nowak
Pat Konwinski
Walter Palicki
Jane Susdorf

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Toledo, Ohio & Poznań, Poland are Sister Cities

The purpose of the Toledo - Poznań Alliance is to foster the links of friendship and knowledge between people of the greater Toledo, Ohio area and Poznań, Poland area, to foster a consequence of such friendship and knowledge a continuing relationship of mutual concern; to carry out an exchange in such fields as education, technology, sports, health and others and provide to one another the appropriate aid and comfort, education and mutual understanding.

Each year in in the fall, the Toledo-Poznań Alliance presents a wonderful Dożynki (Polish harvest celebration). The event is a sit down catered affair complete with authentic Polish entertainment and other traditional activities connected to the harvest celebration. Other events are also planned throughout the year with funds raised going to the orphanage in Poznań to make the children's Christmas brighter.

Toledo, Ohio Dożynki Procession from church to dining hall

See photos from the Poznań Orphanage we support [Click Here]

Winter 2020
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Dozynki Polish Toledo Community

Brief explanation of Dożynki
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Poznań's Daily Newspaper [Głos Wielkopolski - Poznań]

Poznań Toledo's Sister City

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[Poznań City Map]

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