Polish Videos - Some homemade - Some off TV

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There is a variety, but mostly music videos. Click arrow to start.

POLISH FLY - Cartoon from Poland - Yes, the flies speak Polish

Boogie nights - A typical night in a polish dormitory - Candid Camera?

Polish Skaters - If this was an Olympic Event ... Gold Metal to Poland

Dramatic Tour Wieliczka Salt Mine
A City carved in Salt 400 feet below ground
This loads slow - Click to start come back in 5 minutes
Click Start again - Worth the wait!

Ewa Sonnet - i RNB (a clever music video)

Old belarusian woman recites a poem about
King of Poland Jan III Sobieski and Battle of Vienna Victory (XVII century).

Ewa Sonnet gwiazdy Tancza na Lodzie

Motywacja i lody z majonezem! - Motivation and ice cream with mayonnaise!

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